NM Officers

2018 – 2019 AAUW‑NM Elected Officers

Co-Presidents, 2018-2020
Beverly Chambers, flagbab (at) mac.com
Sylvia Fink, sjsfink (at) gmail.com

Co-Vice President, Program, 2017-19
Roxanne Lara, laralaw (at) windstream.net
Judyth Prono, djprono (at) msn.com

Vice President, Membership
Claudia Poglitsch, cpoglitsch (at) yahoo.com

Finance Chair
Christa Slaton, slatocd (at) nmsu.edu

Catherine Greenspan, catherinemgreenspan (at) gmail.com

Academic Chair
Mary Sandford, m_sandford47 (at) hotmail.com

**AAUW Funds Chair – open position

**Nominations Chair – open position

Co-Public Policy Chair
Sonya Berg, berg.sonya42 (at) gmail.com
Rebecca Phillips, beccarphillips (at) gmail.com

Immediate Past President
Helena Whyte, mozden08 (at) aol.com


2018-2019 AAUW-NM Appointed Officers

Awards Chair
Sheila Portillo, scottport (at) gmail.com

Branch Project Grants Chair
Helena Whyte, mozden08 (at) aol.com

Governance Chair
Phyllis Ludi, pcludi@cybermesa.com

College/University Chair
Cassie Marrs, marrs.cassie (at) gmail.com

Diversity Chair
Marie Johnson, majohnson50 (at) gmail.com

Shila Marek, shila.marek (at) gmail.com

International Interest Chair
Nancy Scheer, nscheer1226 (at) msn.com

**Media Relations Chair – open position

Newsletter Editor
Catherine Greenspan, catherinemgreenspan (at) gmail.com

Nancy Scheer, nscheer1226 (at) msn.com

Registered Agent
Nancy Scheer, nscheer1226 (at) msn.com

STEM Coordinator
Cheri Burch, ctburch (at) aol.com

Website Manager
Rebecca Galves, beccagalves (at) gmail.com

** Please contact Beverly or Sylvia if you’re interested in one of the vacant offices. **


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