Public Policy

AAUW National Public Policy Priorities

Adopted May 2019

AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities, adopted every two years by every-member vote, establish the federal action issues on which AAUW members across the country focus their advocacy efforts and guide the work of the national staff. States and branches should also use the Public Policy Priorities to inform their advocacy efforts on state and local issues.

The strength of the AAUW Public Policy Priorities is that they originate and end with the membership. In the fall of even-numbered years the AAUW Public Policy Committee (APPC) solicits feedback from members and staff to develop proposed Public Policy Priorities based on viability, critical need, strong member support, and potential for distinctive contribution. Once the draft is developed, it is posted online for a comment period and submission of additional proposed revisions. The APPC then finalizes the proposed Public Policy Priorities, and the AAUW Board of Directors reviews, amends as necessary, and approves them before they go to the membership for a vote in the spring of odd-numbered years.

AAUW Public-Policy-Priorities-2019-2021

AAUW-NM Public Policy Priorities

Adopted April 2019

NM Public Policy 19-21

AAUW-NM Lobby Corps Membership Form
Form Instructions: download the form and save a blank form to your desktop as AAUW-NM LC form with your initials and date. Complete the form and save it again. In some systems you must right click outside the form to save as. Email the completed form to   with subject line: AAUW-NM LC membership form test.

AAUW-NM Lobby Corps Job Description

The House of Representatives of the State of New Mexico Recognized February 11, 2019 as AAUW-NM Day!