AAUW-NM Legacy of Leadership Award

AAUW-NM Legacy of Leadership Award



Description: Biennial award given in even-numbered years to an AAUW-NM member for sustained contributions to AAUW’s mission and leadership at the branch, state, or national level or any combination of them.

Purpose: To honor and recognize outstanding AAUW service and support of AAUW’s mission.

Criteria (must meet all):

  • AAUW member for more than 10 years with at least 5 years in New Mexico
  • Significant and extended service to the AAUW mission
  • Sustained leadership role in AAUW of at least 10 years
  • Not a current elected member of the AAUW-NM Leadership Team or the Immediate Past President
Who nominates Branch board or council, AAUW-NM Leadership Team, or individual member of AAUW-NM.
Nomination deadline Three weeks before winter AAUW-NM Leadership Team Meeting.
Nomination process Complete a nomination form on the AAUW-NM website and send to AAUW-NM Awards Chair. Awards Committee will review and submit no more than three nominations for final consideration.
Selection process Secret ballot to current elected members of AAUW-NM Leadership Team and Immediate Past President one week before winter Leadership Team Meeting. Completed ballot to be returned to Awards Chair before or at winter Leadership Team Meeting.
When awarded AAUW-NM convention, with first award to be given during 2016 convention.
Award AAUW-NM donates $100 to AAUW Fund of the recipient’s choice and gives recipient a small token of appreciation of the Awards Chair’s choice. The Awards Committee will prepare an article about the recipient to be published in Summer Roadrunner and posted on AAUW-NM website. The AAUW-NM Media Relations Chair will publicize this award widely, including in the recipient’s hometown print and electronic media.
Award budget $125
Review cycle Reviewed by Leadership Team every four years.