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Instructions: download the form and save it as a new document using “AAUW-NM form“ with your initials. Complete the form and save it again. In some systems, you must right click outside the form to save as. Email the completed form to Meredith.machen@gmail.com  with subject line: AAUW- New Mexico Advocate. Thanks for helping to advance opportunities for women, girls, and their families.

NB: AAUW does not support or oppose candidates for public office or take a stand for or against any political party. We encourage active and informed participation in American democracy. AAUW Public Policy Priorities- Nonpartisan but Political See AAUW Public Policy Priorities- Nonpartisan but Political presentation for further background.

Download the one page AAUW-NM Public Policy Priorities 2023-25 1p or AAUW-NM Public Policy Priorities 2023-25 1:2p

AAUW-NM Public Policy Advocate Responsibilities

Learn about AAUW-NM Advocacy at the Federal and State Levels

Find your NM Legislator – Search both Representative and Senator on this page.

AAUW-NM’s Legislative Process Simplified

AAUW-NM Guide to the New Mexico Legislature’s Website

AAUW Public Policy Priorities- Nonpartisan but Political edited by Meredith Machen

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Protocols for admission to the Roundhouse and to Committee hearings have changed from last year.

Admittance into the Roundhouse requires each individual to go through a metal detector. Some of the session and hearings may be conducted by Zoom. See https://nmlegis.gov/

If House committee meetings are being held virtually: You can provide public testimony by using a Zoom link that each committee will publish with their agendas. Some may require that you sign up the day before if you want to speak. You can also watch committee meetings through the legislature’s webcast system. The link will be included in the Legislative PDF calendar.

The Senate will probably allow Zoom public testimony during Senate committees’ hearings. Some may require that you sign up the day before if you want to speak.

Resources & Training Materials:

How are you doing as an Advocate? Try the Advocacy action survey for an assessment. Improve your personal score with the tools mentioned below.

Advocacy Team Members also have access to resources in their shared Google Drive folder.

Testifying: Prepare to testify

AAUW Policy Leaders Manual 2023-2024

Advocacy toolkit for Public Policy Chairs.

AAUW Policy Center  Pay equity. Paid family leave. Title IX. Lowering student debt. Stopping sexual harassment. Get involved. By changing policies, we can improve gender equity.  Each section has brief statement of AAUW Policy and links to areas under that topic.

Get Empowered: Tools and resources to battle the Gender Wage Gap. Many of these issues are also Legislative issues.

Legal Advocacy Fund  and Know your rights

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